Adding documents to your FolioHD portfolio with Scribd

FolioHD currently supports Scribd for document embedding. With our Scribd integration, you can include PDFs, Word documents, Powerpoint files, and any other format Scribd supports in your portfolio.

How to embed a Scribd document in your FolioHD portfolio

1. Copy the WordPress embed link for the Scribd document.
    a. Click the Embed link above the document
    b. Click the Wordpress link under the Format section
    c. Copy the Scribd ID in the textbox above to your clipboard

2. Now that you've got the link copied, click Add a Document in the FolioHD manager.

3. Paste the link you just copied. Important: You must use the Wordpress-formatted link.

4. Click Add Document. Your document will now be embedded in your portfolio. 

Note: Your document's privacy should be set to public. Otherwise you'll just see a black square in place of a thumbnail in your portfolio.

Need another document site supported? Let us know.