Create a homepage

Featuring images on your homepage

By default, if you have more than one folder, or gallery, your homepage will show thumbnails of all your galleries. But you can create a homepage of curated photos. Here's how to feature such images on your homepage.

1. Double-click the image you want to feature

2. It will be added to the "Homepage" box on the left column of the FolioHD Manager

Now when you visit your homepage (be sure to refresh the page), you'll be greeted with the images you selected.

You can also re-order the images on your homepage the same way you re-order images in a gallery.

To remove a picture from your featured homepage, just double-click it and it will be removed.

Featuring a video on your homepage

Double-click a video to feature it on your homepage.

Important: Featuring a video on your homepage will disable any pictures already featured, and only one video may be featured at a time. (Removing a featured video will restore any featured images.)

Because a featured video is automatically played when a site is loaded and advances to the gallery index after the video finishes playing, it is incompatible with featuring images at the same time.