Privacy Options

FolioHD Basic, Power and Pro accounts come with several privacy options.

  • Hidden gallery (accessible with a direct url)
  • Password-protected gallery (requires a single password)
  • Password-protected site (entire site requires a password for viewing)

Hidden Galleries

Hidden galleries are folders of pictures or videos that are not visible by people visiting your portfolio. They can only be accessed by people with the direct link found in the Gallery Settings.

This feature can be useful if you want to show some of your work to a specific person or potential client, but don't want it visible to the public. It can also be used for new items uploaded to your portfolio that aren't organized and ready to be viewed by people visiting your portfolio.

The best way to share a link to a hidden gallery is to copy it from the Gallery Settings page (the url appears if the "Make this gallery hidden" checkbox is checked). You can then paste the url to the folder by email, etc.

Password-Protected Galleries

Password-protected galleries are set in the Gallery Details panel and require a password to be viewed. Unlike hidden galleries, password-protected galleries appear in the list of your galleries/folders. They appear with a lock icon in the bottom-right of the gallery thumbnail to indicate their privacy setting. You'll need to provide your visitors with the folder's password so they can view its contents.

To password-protect a gallery, click Gallery Details, then under Gallery Privacy, choose Password-protected. A box will pop up where you will type in the password. Once you've entered a password that visitors will use, click Save & Close.

Password-Protected Site

You can password-protect your entire site on the Settings page under Portfolio Privacy. Check the box to password-protect your portfolio. Then enter a password and click Save Changes. You'll need to provide your visitors with this password so they can access your entire site.

Note: If you have password-protected your site, you do not need to password-protect individual galleries.