Setting up a domain through Godaddy

Using your own domain on FolioHD, purchased through Godaddy, requires just a few steps to get up and running.

1. Once logged into, hover over Domains and click Domain Management.

2. Click on the domain you want to use.

3. Under Domain Information, click Manage next to Forwarding.

4. Enter "www." and the url of your site. Important: be sure to enter "www." at the beginning. Click Okay and confirm the dialog.

5. Once back on the domain page, click Launch under DNS Manager.

6. Look at the second section on the page, CNAME (Alias). At the bottom, you'll see this record: "www, @, 1/2 Hour". Hover over the @ and click that row or the pencil icon to edit the row.

7. Replace the "@" symbol with the following:

8. At the top right of that column, click the Save Zone File button. It will alert you that saving changes may take time to process.

-- If you are a Basic, Power or Pro member of FolioHD, follow the instructions below. If you are a Starter (free) user, contact us to finish the domain setup process. --

9. You're all done with Godaddy! Now back on on the settings page, click Configure Custom Domain.

10. Enter the website URL you just configured in Godaddy. Important: be sure to enter "www." in front of your domain name. Then click Verify Settings.

That's it! You should be all set and your domain should start working soon. (It can sometimes take several hours to start working. If it doesn't work after a little while, email us and we'll troubleshoot.)