Why uploading full resolution images is safe

We encourage you to upload the highest quality work possible. This way, we can display your work in the best ways possible, like showing an image full screen when necessary.

But the biggest concern photographers have when sharing their work online is that others can easily save their work and republish it as their own. Fortunately, FolioHD uses industry-standard image protection to make sure this doesn't happen.

When a shady shyster decides they want to copy an image, they'll try right-clicking and saving the file. The way FolioHD combats this technique is to offer up a blank (empty) image to the thief, so when they try to save it, they actually save a blank spacer image. (Go ahead, give it a try for yourself.)

Employing this method of image protection is one of the best ways to ensure that uploading high quality work to FolioHD is safe.